Friday, September 14, 2012


So I finally managed to sleep in my bed last night.  For the last few weeks I have been sleeping on the couch because her crib is in our dining room and last night I turned on the monitor and was able to sleep in my own bed.  Granted I was up much more often to check on her than when I was closer but I think I will eventually get used to it.  Adaleigh is getting so big!  She has already started raising her head and holding it up.  Before it was more of a flinging motion but there is definitely more control there now and she can hold it in an upright position for several seconds before she lays it back down.  Milestones all around :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 month check up

Adaleigh went to the doctor yesterday for her 2 week wellness check.  She is up to 7lbs 10oz and 20" long. Doc said her hernia is healing nicely and not to be worried about it and eventually the "constipation" will resolve itself.  It seems the problem is not with her actually getting backed up but her not having the urge to bear down and poop.  We are continuing the prune juice .5oz every other day and a suppository after 4 days of not pooping unless we notice she is uncomfortable.  Her rash is also clearing up and is mostly gone from her face but there is still some areas on her chest.  She also got her shots, 3 shots, drops for polio, and foot pricked to check her iron levels.  She cried but was ok afterwards.  Last night her appetite was not what it usually is and she was more fussy but this morning she ate a good deal but then threw up afterward.  She doesnt have a fever and does seem to be feeling better so hopefully that was the worst of it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our first doctor appointment

We had our first visit to the doctor today. It was pretty uneventful but she is up to 6lbs 11ozs and 19.5 in. She does have a small heat rash that the doctor said should clear up on its own and she didnt poop at all yesterday so we were told if no poop in 3 days she is to get a suppository. We go back Friday for another appointment and we have one scheduled for the 10th where she will be getting her first round of immunizations. They also want to do the final head sonogram on her since she was a preemie and a hip ultrasound to check for dysplasia since she was breech. Overall though a pretty good visit.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Our baby girl spent her first night at home last night!  She is a little fussy just because she isnt accustomed to the noises in our house but I suspect that soon she will sleep better.  She did sleep for 4 hours last night straight before needing to eat and we fed her yesterday at 8pm, 10pm (not much just started acting hungry so she must have just wanted a little in her tummy), a full bottle at 12am and again at 4am.  Then she didnt wake back up until 6:30am.  She cant seem to decide if she wants to eat every 2 or 4 hours but I think she will find her rhythm once she adjusts to be in a new environment.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

no more feeding tube

FEEDING TUBE IS OUT!!!!! She has been taking all 8 bottles so has now been changed to feeding on demand and must take at least 50ml every 3 hours or 65ml every 4 hours. She must do this for a couple of days and then we can bring our baby girl home.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Daddy's first bottle

Steve gave Adaleigh her first bottle last night and actually got her to take it all!  She is up to 6 lbs 1.2 ozs and is taking more from her bottle feedings now as well.  She is up to 48ml every 3 hours and every 6 hours it is given by bottle.  Yesterday she managed to take 2 full bottles and 2 partials so we are getting better everyday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bath time

So yesterday I got to weigh Adaleigh and give her a bath while we were at the hospital.  She is up to 5lbs 14.5ozs.  She didnt really care for the bath either but I do have to admit laying naked in a bassinet with a tucks pad beneath you while someone rubs soap on you doesnt sound pleasant to me either.  This was the first time I have bathed her.  Afterwards I gave her a bottle and she ate the whole thing.  Hopefully we can continue on the right track.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeding schedule change

Adaleigh is up to 5 lbs 10.5 oz but she is still having trouble with her feedings.  Since she is having so much trouble they decided to cut her back to bottles at every other feeding so she has more time to rest in between her feedings.  8am, 2pm, 8pm, and 2am she gets bottles and at 5am, 11am, 5pm, and 11pm she gets fed through the tube.  So far there has been some improvement and she seems to take more through the bottle at each feeding.  Hopefully she will soon get this down and we can have our baby girl at home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Adaleigh got transfered to Mount Washington Childrens Hospital yesterday. They have a feed and grow program for preemies that don't need any other care. She is up to 5lbs and 5 ozs and is doing wonderful. They told us to expect anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks before she comes home, it just depends on how well she learns to eat from a bottle. She must be able to eat all 8 times a day from a bottle and learn to demand her own feedings.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Status update

Adaleigh is doing well, she is up to 39ml in her feedings and yesterday she had her first full bottle yesterday.  They have asked us to bring in her carseat as well today so they can run the pulse-oxygen test to make sure it doesnt compress her chest and effect her breathing.  Tonight we are staying at the hospital so that I can practice breast feeding with her tonight and tomorrow.  Hopefully she continues to progress and be able to come home soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012


What had happened was.......

Adaleigh is doing fantastic!!!

Last night Adaleigh was moved to a crib!!!!!!  No more isolette, she has no IVs, she is up to 35 ml in her feedings, they have added fortifier to her milk, and she is up to 4 lbs 3 oz in weight.  That is a full ounce above her birth weight!  She is still being tube fed but the nurse did ask me if I was ok with the occupational therapist trying a bottle with her so hopefully she will be home soon.  I am totally ok with the bottle as long as it is still my breast milk.  I do want to do a combination of breast and bottle and apparently if you dont do breast only babies typically come home sooner.  Everyone continue to pray for us, the prayers are going a long way towards her recovery and it shows.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's status

I am doing c-section incision is about 9 inches long (pretty much goes hip to hip). No idea if this is average size or not but it sure does hurt. The narcotic meds make me nauseated and dizzy so I am on tylenol every 6 hours and motrin every 8 which only really takes the edge off the pain. I would go through it all again though just to have my perfect girl. My breast milk has started to come in as well finally. My .5-2ml pumpings have now been replaced by 14ml pumpings!!!! Still not what I need but its getting there.

Adaleigh is doing great! She was moved from NICU into special care. She is still under the isolette but just to help maintain her temperature and to monitor her overall. The did have to put in a PICU line today which is like an IV but goes in a larger vein and is threaded longer. She kept having problems with swelling from the IVs so they gave her that but apparently most babies that spend any real time in the NICU have to have one. Their veins are just much more delicate than ours. She has 3 milestones to meet before returning home

1. Breathing on her own
2. Maintaining her temperature outside the isolette
3. Getting the suck, swallow, breathe reflex down so she is able to eat

so far we have #1 so everyone pray that the next ones are just as easily checked off.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The loss of Brasker

So Friday morning I woke up and was feeling a little dizzy so we called the doctor and were sent to the labor and delivery triage (my blood pressure had dropped) Once we arrived they hooked me up to monitors but could not get a fetal heartbeat on Brasker.  It seems sometime Friday morning he had passed on.  After examining me, blood work, and an amniocentesis they believe his umbilical cord was never properly attached  although we will not know this for sure until I deliver and even then only if I deliver via c-section.  This is apparently something that effects 1-3% of IVF twins called vasa praevia.  It was explained to us as a button being sewn on with not enough string, the slightest movements could pop it.  Apparently if this is the case it happens around 29-31 weeks because the baby's movements have become more active.  We were told this is something that cant be predicted or prevented.

Adaleigh is doing fine so far and I have received the 2 steroid shots in the event that I do happen to go into labor early.  I did have some minor spotting but I was told it was nothing to worry about and they have me monitoring my temperature 3 times a day but we are at home now so I am more comfortable.  I am currently dilated 1cm and 50% effaced but that is no indication of imminent labor, I could go today but I could also go in 6 weeks.

Steve and I are coping the best we know how and both of our mothers are here now to help lend support.  As you can imagine this is not something we want to discuss but I did want our friends and family to know about.  Please keep our family in your prayers.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Latest doctor visit

We went to the doctor Tuesday and the babies are doing fine.  No real changes or updates on that front.  They wont make any actual guesses as to when I might deliver so we just are a wait and see.  We do have a sonogram scheduled for Tuesday the 10th of July so I will be posting pics again pretty soon.  The doctor wasnt really concerned about my continuing contractions, he said that as long as they were not time-able and the birthing center triage didnt have to medicate or keep me over night that I was in the clear but that if I had more than 7 in an hour to call.  I do have to take this with a grain of salt though because they have gotten regular enough that if I dont lay down I do have them that often.  Sitting up or reclining seems to trigger them for me, last night while sitting up (hips were hurting so I couldnt lay down on my side) I had 8 or 9 but they were never at regular intervals.  At this point my water is going to have to break for me to know when I actually am in labor :)  On a side note my stomach is so big now that my skin has stretched to the point that it is numb to the touch.  I read that this is common in later pregnancy but for singleton pregnancies it usually occurs around 36 weeks.  I'm just an over achiever I guess :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

My momma is here!!!!!!

Mom got in yesterday and is staying with us for a while to help me with the things that have become near impossible around the house for me to do like buy groceries and some of the cleaning.  She plans to stay and help us with the twins after they are born as well so I dont go crazy.  Thank you Mom!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh how it flowed.....

So yesterday I out right peed my pants.......not just sneeze a little leaks out but full on ran down my leg event.  Thank goodness I was at home.  I know it was inevitable carrying this much weight on my bladder but surprising nonetheless.  No more panty liners, I now need to move over to full on pads :P

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bed rest is imminent......

So Sunday we went and bought groceries and I had my first real experience of my own limitations.  I had hoped that this day would in fact never actually come but it seems to have arrived anyway.  But after buying groceries and coming home I could barely make it back up the stairs.  It took a herculean effort to actually get up both flights and the remainder of the day was spent with me having to lay down.  So we have asked Mom to come earlier than her scheduled day and she will be getting here on the 1st of July.  I am not on
official bed rest yet but after the episode on Friday night and how bad just the short outing hit me Sunday I would say after my next appointment on the 3rd it would be official.  Maybe not bed rest but definitely on limiting my activities.  I am still able to do most of the household chores and only some things cause me pain. I have to take frequent breaks already and until now the only things I really couldnt do was take the dogs down to the bathroom and clean the tub.  The only thing I really didnt want to do was iron because it makes my back hurt from standing for so long.  But I have noticed its harder on me to just do the light housework I am able to do and God help me if I have to bend over.  Even sitting up for longer than an hour to hour and half has gotten painful.  But I guess it is to be expected when carrying twins.  Steve actually noticed last night (although its been like this for a while now) that when I sit up right and cant semi recline that I have to spread my legs wide to make room for my stomach because it touches the seat.  He was like "OMG I cant even see your pants!!!!"  Yep love you too Steve :)

Friday night adventures

So Friday night I told Steve I was worried that I havent felt Adaleigh move as much as she normally does during the day and that I was going to call the doctor and see what they said.  She has shifted further down and it has gotten harder to distinguish between their movements at times.  Of course they sent me to the hospital but the funny thing is apparently the "rolling over movements" I have been attributing to her were in fact contractions. So for the past month anytime I thought she was rolling over I was actually having
contractions.  I would have never guessed that was what it was and the nurse was in the middle of setting up monitors on me and doing stuff and says "Oh you're having a contraction".  Imagine my surprise.  I continued to have them at irregular intervals the entire hospital visit but I dont normally get them as often as I was that night.  I think the fact that they had me laying on my back was actually causing  more of them that usual.  It drives me crazy they tell you dont lay on your back when pregnant and the first thing they do is put you on your back at the hospital which for me is a VERY uncomfortable position.  They kept me for several hours to make sure the contractions did not become time-able and that I was not dilating any further (first doctor said I was at 1cm but the second said it was not a true 1 cm dilation because only the outer cervix opening was 1cm not the inner opening)  They never truly figured out what was causing the contractions and since I have been having them for so long the nurse said it just looked like an irritable uterus.  I looked this up and the way the contractions this causes are describes sounds exactly like what I am feeling.  "Wave-like" contractions are from an irritable uterus,this is part of the reason I would have never thought they were actual contractions since real contractions harden the entire uterus at once and these feel like someone squeezing the uterus from top to bottom and hardening in only about 3-4 inch area at a time.  From what I read doctors dont know what causes it and women seem to be able to figure out what triggers it for them and I think laying on my back may be a trigger for me (when they allowed me to sit on the side of the bed the contractions tapered off) but sitting, standing, walking, lifting, sex, exercising, constipation, full bladder. ect. the list went on and on of things other women have found triggers theirs.  So when I see the doctor on July 3rd I imagine we will be talking more about this in depth.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The twins joined facebook

I still refuse to have a facebook page myself but decided to make one for the twins for anyone who doesnt want to visit the blog for updates and pics.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The ever expanding

So I am huge!  My doctor appointment on Friday measured me at 41 cm which is full term so that tells you how much larger I shall get over the next 7-11 weeks.  I am getting more nervous as the days pass but it has less to do with giving birth as it does the 5 week period I have of "any day now".  Twins are considered full term between 35-37 weeks, 36 weeks would put me due on August 10th but its also not unheard of for twins to go the full 40 weeks either, as long as the mother is in good health the doctor wont induce.  At least regular pregnancies only have a 2 week period of "any day now" I feel like the waiting is the worst part or maybe the sciatic pain :P  I havent decided for sure yet.  Brasker has settled down nicely on mine and I can only stay in the upright sitting position for about an hour at a time before it hurts too badly.

27 weeks (12 days ago)

28 weeks (today)

just in those few short days I have managed to get a good deal bigger!  Notice I still have my innie but in those short days it has gotten significantly more shallow.  Steve says he is afraid to look because it might just all the sudden pop out!

Steve demands a blog post......

Specifically, Steve demanded a blog post for today talking about how great and wonderful he is :)  Well people Steve is great and wonderful and the best husband any woman could ask for but I'm sure you would rather hear about the babies.

Currently I have been working on baby blankets for the kiddos and I recently ran out of yarn for Brasker's so I started Adaleigh's.  Here is the progress so far on both.

Brasker's has been so expensive and time consuming I went for a longer stitch that is airy for Adaleigh's.  Brasker's is single crochet and very dense!  It has cost me around $40 in yarn so far and I am only 2/3 of the way through.  Adaleigh's I decided to go a little smaller as well as using the longer double crochet stitch with a chain stitch gap.  My only problem with hers is I seem to be getting smaller as I go so I will probably have to undo a few rows and do them over.  I am going to check online for solutions first.  Luckily hers goes SOOOOOO much faster than his.

I have also started making the mobile for Brasker.  I have the rocket sewn and ready to go and have bought the wool roving to make the planets but still need to pick up styrofoam balls before I can finish it up. But here is the rocket.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Diabetic testing

So I went yesterday to the doctor and she helped me set up a calorie meal plan appropriate for someone carrying twins, showed me how to test my blood sugar, and choose actual meals.  I realize now the size of the actual meals are more than I can actually eat so I need to email to see if I can make them smaller ones and add additional snacks.  Even though her plan has me eating every 2-3 hours I usually eat every 1-2 hours just smaller portions than what they put down.  I just stay so hungry.  I do need to check with her though because I dont know if that would effect my drawn levels since I am supposed to check first thing in the morning before I eat and again 2 hours after every meal so a total of 4 sticks a day.  So far all of my numbers have been tracking fine.

On a different note I stayed out on Steve's side of town all day yesterday because of that doctors appointment and really paid the price for it last night.  Most people know that being on your feet a lot while pregnant can cause your legs and feet to swell, I knew this and but luckily since I stay home it has not been a problem.  Yesterday since I was out I did have some swelling, not much mind you but some.  Apparently one thing people fail to mention is that after you lay down and the swelling goes away all that water that was causing the swelling has to go somewhere...........needless to say I went to bed at 10:40 but was up at 11:45, 12:20, 1:23, 2:30, 3:30, 4:40: 6:40, and finally when Steve started getting dressed at 8:15 I just got out of bed for good.  I actually thought something was wrong and during the 3:30 pee break got the ipad out to look up what could be wrong because I knew every time I go to the doctor one of the questions they always ask is have I been going to the bathroom more frequently than normal and this was way above my normal amount.  Needless to say I will definitely want to keep my daily activities to a minimum now that I have started having some minor swelling, especially if I want to get a decent nights rest without having to pee every 10 minutes :P

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gestational Diabetis

So doc called yesterday and my 3 hour blood glucose came back high on two of the four sticks.  One was 6 points over and the other was 19 points over so I have to call and set up an appointment with the specialist later today.  The doctor things because mine was so mild that I will not have to have medications to control it, that just a slight change in my diet will fix the problem.  She did tell me she wasnt surprised because I'm carrying twins I was at a greater risk for it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Its all downhill from here

I think I have reached the point in my pregnancy that I will no longer feel good for any extended period of time and I will hurt on a daily basis.  Usually my weekend catches up to me on Monday but this weekend Monday came on Sunday and by lunch all I wanted to do was be as still as possible so I didnt hurt as bad.  Even going to the pool didnt help.  Brasker has settled in nicely on my sciatic nerve and now my leg decides to no longer support weight on a regular basis so I limp around.  I just have to keep telling myself it will be worth it in 10-12 more weeks!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So yesterday Brasker had the hiccups for the first time (that was noticeable to me anyway)  It was so thrilling, I had noticed a very rhythmic thumping in my lower abdomen and it continued for 20 minutes.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

13 short weeks or sooner

In 13 short weeks, most likely sooner we will be welcoming our new additions into this world and I am absolutely terrified!  I am hoping that once I have the tour of the birthing center I will calm down some but I just worry about having a difficult birth and then if they require NICU time how the hospital will handle that.  Its just unfamiliar territory so I am scared.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3rd- A Momentous Occassion

So yesterday morning I was sitting on the sofa playing on the ipad and due to the very active nature of Adaleigh that morning I decided to lay the ipad on my tummy so Steve could see her kicking it (rather heartily I might add)  Well once he finished up the stuff he was working on he came and sat beside me and the first few kicks were very light so only slight jiggling of the device and so I flipped it so it was once again cold on my stomach and that is when she gave some fierce kicks and really sent it rocking which of course made Steve jump.  After he showed so much excitement over the "big" movements I took the pad off and put his hands on my belly and let him feel her kicking.  It really blew him away because he said this was the first time feeling them that he knew without me telling him that it was the babies moving.  He said all the other times he would have just thought it was food digesting or something if I had not told him differently.  It was a very special moment for our developing family.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lab work results

So the doctor called yesterday and apparently the 1 hour blood glucose was 2 points too high and they want me to do the 3 hour one.  I am supposed to get an order for it when I go to the office on Friday but I am going to try to get out of it because they called me back to do the blood draw after only 50 minutes not the full hour, so I shall let the doc know and MAYBE they will not make me do the long one.  She also said that my iron was low and has put me on an iron supplement.  I had been worried about getting adequate levels of protein and have been making sure to eat peanut butter and the protein drinks to help supplement my diet but it had not  occurred to me about my iron so I will be picking that up in the next day or so.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swimming is great

So went swimming Saturday and now you are going to be hard pressed to keep me out of the pool this summer.  It was wonderful having all the weight just magically not be there on my back, it was strange at first because the belly actually floats up some in the water so its harder than it usually is.  When I first got in the change in temperature got the babies really active but the soon settled down and it brought on some Braxton Hicks but they subsided as well.  Getting out is hard though because having no weight for so long makes the weight being suddenly back a little jarring.  But lying on my half submerged float in a semi-reclined position makes for a very happy Tiffany!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another restless night

So I guess I can say goodbye to ever sleeping again.  At this point I am speculating I will sleep better once the twins are actually here!  I tried the bed and the couch but ended up back in the bed in the end and was practically asleep on my feet except for the discomfort in my hips and the restless legs and arms.  My head kept drooping but the jerks from my RLS kept jolting me back into consciousness anytime I would get close to nodding off.  Luckily sometime after 3 pure exhaustion won out.  Steve was sweet enough to let me sleep this morning and took the dogs out for me (usually I walk down with him when he leaves and I walk them after he takes them down the stairs for me)  I'm still going to have to nap today though, I already feel the headache coming on from lack of good sleep.  Maybe tonight will be better.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bouncing Belly!!!!!

So Adaleigh just gave me some pretty hard and hefty kicks and actually made stuff that was sitting on my stomach bounce!  I wish Steve would have been here!

Monday, May 21, 2012

On a happier note

So I figured that if I had one post of nothing but complaining I needed to have one that was more cheerful.

Steve was able to feel Adaleigh kick for the first time yesterday!  They were both pretty active this weekend and I was sitting in the rocking chair and she had been kicking (hard enough that I noticed the jolt it gave my stomach out of the corner of my eye) so I called Steve over and he was able to just faintly feel one of her kicks.  I swear I think she stops whenever he touches my belly though cause every time she would start I would call him over and she would have been kicking a lot and no sooner that he touches me she would settle down.  I think it may be a little while before he will be able to feel Brac though because of the area he is in has more fat and skin in between him and the outside while the area Adaleigh is in is thinner.  I can actually see my stomach change in shape when she turns or rolls but can only feel it when he does.

Hard hitting

3rd trimester is really hitting me hard.  I am getting maybe 5 hours of sleep or less on any given night.  Luckily I am able to nap during the day but for some reason my body only is willing to take these naps about half the time even though I feel like I need them everyday.  By the time the evening rolls around my body is just flat out hurting and it makes sleeping difficult and by the time I get myself comfortable enough to sleep (which usually takes 1-2 hours alone) my restless legs kick in.  Most nights its paired with the discomfort of hip dsyplasia which has been made worse by pregnancy (apparently hormones are produced to make the ligaments loose to prepare the body for birth but for some people like me who have problems with hip dyplasia already it just makes for more discomfort)  All of this is almost always accompanied by acid reflux and normal pregnancy aches and pains which is why I am getting no sleep.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My super awesome baby shower!

So I am finally going to write a bit about my awesome baby shower!  I have to say it was truly wonderful and thank you to all of the ladies and gents who came together to throw such a great party for me, Steve and the babies.  The weather was perfect as was the food and company.  And in true southern fashion there were even guns and snake shooting ^_^  On two separate occasions during the shower we had water moccasins attempt to come toward the bank so Rick and Joey had to shoot them.

It was so great to see everyone and I got to see Brad and Cindy's new baby, Merit, who was only 5 days old and Jamie and Andrew's baby, Alyssa, who was 2 months old.  The drive to Alabama just about did me in but it was worth it to be home and getting to see all the people I love.  It hardly feels like it was just 2 weeks ago that we were having the shower but time flies.  I got all kinds of wonderful gifts, including a double stroller, cribs, changing table/dresser, swing, bouncy chairs, diapers, and tons of clothes!  I have already been putting the gift cards and money to good use getting the babies' room decorated too.

Some interesting tidbits

So I have started experiencing hip dsyplasia, which I have always had but pregnancy has made worse, that is now resulting in some sleepless nights.  Apparently the hormones that are being produced help loosen the ligaments to make birthing easier but in my case since I have hip dsyplasia already it has made for achy joints and soreness.  I usually only have trouble with my hips a handful of times out of the year so them being bad enough to keep me from sleep is something new for me.  Sigh hopefully that will get better.

I did run into some interesting facts today though.  My babies will most likely have hair!  Apparently 82% of women who have moderate to severe heartburn will have babies born with hair because the hormones responsible for triggering heartburn also trigger fetal hair growth!  During pregnancy the average uterus expands up to 500 times its normal size!  Makes me wonder how much more for twins.  22% of twins are left handed while non twins come in at only 10%.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sonogram yesterday

So yesterday was our scheduled anatomy scan sonogram where they take tons of measurements of the babies to make sure they are developing correctly.  This was a LONG appointment and I was on the table for an hour and a half, which really hurt my back but it was so worth it.  Brasker took up the first full hour because he would  not be still so it made the tech's job a lot harder.  Adaleigh was less wiggly so all of her measurement scans flew by until they need to measure the spine, since she doesnt move around as much they could only get partial spine scans so they want us to go back later to try again for her.  The big surprise for us was they did the 4-D sonogram scan!  Brasker's turned out wonderful and you can see his features very clearly, he has my mouth and Steve's nose.  I think he is going to look a lot like Steve.  Unfortunately they could never get Adaleigh's to show up as clearly as his.  The tech was very confused at first and because the regular scan was getting great profiles and it seemed like the 4-D should have been very clear but she soon realized that the sac membrane was right against her face so this made all the features a little muddled.  Also the reason the the membrane was right against her face is because Brasker's butt is laying across her forehead.  See picture below.
That is Adaleigh's head and Brasker's butt!  So you can see how that would affect the scan.  Hopefully he will have shifted by our next appointment.  Unfortunately they didnt give us very many pictures, just this one and the 4-D ones but they are sending us a disc because this was a VERY in depth appointment and a total of 176 images were taken of the twins so when that gets here I will share some more.


Monday, May 7, 2012

been a while

I know its been a while since my last post and I have to say I have been a little lazy.  I had my doctor's appointment last week but there wasnt any real changes.  I have been having really bad problems with constipation but there is not much that can be done so oh well.  I will continue on my regimen of lots of fruits and veggies and change over from my plum juice to the much dreaded prune :(  IBS and pregnancy just do not go together!  Tonight we have our first meeting with the multiples group and tomorrow we have a sonogram scheduled so I should have some stuff to blog about over the next few days.  We bought our cribs this weekend and got them all put together and next weekend Steve said we can go and pick up the dresser/changing table.  Its going to be tight in there but I think it will work.  I will start trying to post pics after we get the dresser and I can start putting things away and organizing.  Right now everything is just piled into the cribs.  I think we have hit another growth spurt because I have started having the  sharp knife-like stabbing of round ligament pain again.  Going down the stairs hurts really bad as does getting off the sofa, rolling over and getting into the car.  I have been trying to take it easy and doing more yoga to help ease the pain but it only helps for the immediate moment it seems.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Locked out

So this morning Steve accidentally locked me out of the house when he left for work.  I have always been concerned that he would do this when I was out walking the dogs but since I've become so big he has to carry the dogs down for me (I can take them up fine its just going down where we worry that they might pull me off balance) it has not been a real possibility.  Well this morning we get downstairs and he heads to the car after handing them off to me but realizes he left something upstairs and has to run back up.  After I finish my loop round the parking lot I head back up and low and behold the door is locked.  I was extremely lucky though and the guy next door was bringing his pup upstairs at the same time as me and let me borrow his phone to call Steve to let me in.  He offered for me and the dogs to come in but I declined and just sat on the curb in the sunshine downstairs.  Luckily today was chill but not cold.  Already such an exciting day and its just getting started.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maternity wear

So yesterday I met a girl from Craigslist to get her old maternity clothes and I actually fared pretty well.  Out of the the 15 bottoms, 14 tops, and 3 dresses I came out home with for $20, 6 tops and 4 pants fit right away (they ranged in size from L to 2X), 1 skirt, 1 pair of slacks, and 3 dresses I will never wear and 1 pair of jeans that although they fit, the elastic band is too tight for comfort.  It was a pair of the ones that just has the thick band rather than the full belly spandex and those just arent comfortable to me at all.  Some of the larger sizes may never fit but I am going to hold onto them just in case, I have heard that sometimes with twins you have to go to the larger sizes and just deal with it being baggy everywhere else just to accommodate your huge belly.  Not bad at all for only $20.  Even the consignment places charge between $4-7 for just one shirt or pair of pants if not more.  In addition to those, Mom bought me 3 dresses, 3 blouses, and 2 tshirts yesterday plus Laura got me several cafe press tees (although they are pretty casual and I like to dress just a little nicer for my doctor appointments since its one of the only times I am out) and I already have 4 pairs of pants, 1 skirt and 2 blouses.  I was also looking in the consignment stores down by Steve's work yesterday and a woman dropping off donations gave me a practically brand new (its quite possibly never been used cause it isnt faded and has no stains) baby bjorn!  She told me they wouldnt take it and was just going to give it to goodwill and she just gave it to me, offered me a couple of other things but they were things I had already or, in the case of the nursing bras, were not my size.  It was so nice of her to do that and the bjorn carrier is not cheap either, it goes for $80 new.  Its nice being in a friendly region again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whats with all the touching?

So I dont know why but I must exude something that says its ok for a stranger to touch my belly!  I dont mind family and friends touching my belly but what possesses a stranger to touch my belly?!  It is so weird that these people think "oh you are pregnant so its ok to disregard your comfort zone".  These people wouldnt touch me if I was not pregnant so what is it about the pregnant belly that gives strangers the green light to go against social norms.  Maybe I should get a shirt that says look but dont touch ^_^

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iphone BG

Steve made an iphone BG out of a couple of the sonogram pics so that both babies can be visible.


So I have started having my first real cravings.  Sonic strawberry slushes!!!!!   This past week Steve took me on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to get one and its not really close to the house (15 to 20 minutes away depending on traffic)  Steve has been great though and not complained why I sullenly say I want a slush.  I expect him to say no just because its so far away but he just says ok and drives me over there.  He has been great and doesnt complain about how crazy I am or how everything makes me cry.  He sent me a movie trailer the other day about a dog and I was crying before it was over.....stupid hormones.  I have a great husband who is going to be a great dad and I am very lucky!

Monday, April 16, 2012

9 more days!!!!!!

Only 9 more days until we head back to Alabama!  I am so excited and past ready to see my family.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Adaleigh's girl parts


 Brasker's boy parts


So we are cleared for travel

We went to the doctor yesterday and we have been cleared for travel for the end of the month.  I think we plan on leaving Wednesday afternoon on the 25th, two weeks away!!!!!  The doctor said that as long as I take my walking and pee breaks every two hours I will be fine.  I have been taken off of every two week cervical length monitoring as well.  My cervix has stayed strong and had no changes so they will only do it at my regular appointments now.  The babies are doing great and Adaleigh is still a girl and we were told "as certain as you can be with an ultrasound".  The babies have moved into their final positions (as far as who is on top or bottom, they will still move around in their given areas until they take their birthing positions)  and Brasker is on bottom with his head down already and feet pointed up and Adaleigh is horizontal across the top with her head to the left side and feet to the right.  They were both pretty active during the sonogram but Brasker by far was the biggest mover.  He is going to be a handful I can already tell.  Everytime the tech was scanning Adaleigh you could see his little feet just kicking and when they were checking my cervix his arms were waving.  It was like he was going "hey over here".  The babies gestational age is still slightly older than they are which is great and Brasker is weighing in at 9 ounces and Adaleigh at 8 ounces.  I will post pics later on from the visit, possibly tomorrow since I am not feeling well this afternoon.  I had a dentist appointment this morning and the combined activities from the two days has made me tired (and irritable, poor Steve) so I may not get to it today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy babies

So the babies were going crazy yesterday!  I kept feeling them move all day long so I think they have started fighting for space.  A whole lot of "Mom he/she is touching me"!  Its really nice now that I have started feeling them move on a regular basis and I cant wait til they become definite feelings and not just "big drop on a roller coaster feeling" in my stomach.  I want Steve to be able to feel them too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belly progression pic

So here is week 7 til now

its crazy how big I am, on top of it all I havent gained any weight still.  Right around 9 weeks I was really sick and couldnt keep down anything and lost 8 lbs, I have managed to gain that back finally but only as of the last week or so.  Its just crazy, I weigh as much as I did before pregnancy but I am SOOOOO much bigger :P

Ugh side pain

So I am pretty sure Adaleigh is pressing (or being pressed by Brasker since he was taking up the majority of the space in there like he was the only one in there on previous sonograms) into my right side organs.  It has been staying so sore and hurts when I move around too much.  All the stuff I read about pain in that area is related to gallbladder or appendix problems but I dont have any of those organs anymore.  It feels more to the side anyway, right around the bottom rib.  I plan to ask the doctor about it next week.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Bedding

I had been toying with the idea of making the bedding for Adaleigh's crib since there are so few vibrantly colored sets out there so this weekend I picked up a pattern at JoAnn's fabric on sale for 99 cents.  I sat down with it and started to figure out the amounts of each fabric I would need for the bumper, bedskirt, and quilt and decided on fabrics I like and realized it was more expensive than just buying a bedding set.  So I am now registered for bedding at target :P  I had already decided on bedding for Brasker from there, space ships bedding and I had picked out a tentative one for Adaleigh already just in case I didnt make it.  Adaleigh's bedding 

On a different note we are pretty sure we are moving the shower up to the end of April instead of the end of May.  Everyone is worried about me traveling that far along because of how huge I will be.  We just want to double check with the doc and make sure it will be ok so we wont say for sure until the 10th.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sonogram pics with boy parts!

Here are the sonogram pics from yesterday, the tech even highlighted Brasker's boy parts for everyone to see

 Brasker and his man parts

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And we are having.......

A boy and a girl!!! The boy is 100% certain while the girl weighs in at only 90% certainty.  They said that they wont say for sure on the girl for a couple of weeks but the odds are in our favor.

Adaleigh Mae Nelson
Brasker Dayton Nelson

They are named after our great grand parents

Monday, March 26, 2012

New belly pic

I havent posted in a while so I figured I would show my belly progression.  We have a doc appointment on Wednesday to do a sonogram to check my cervix and hopefully we can tell the sexes but dont get your hopes up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well its been a few days

I havent been as diligent keeping this updated this week with my brother, Joey, visiting.  Wednesday and Thursday, I had some mild cramping and soreness in the pelvic region and Friday when I got up it was pretty bad so I called the doctor and they wanted me to go to Labor and Delivery at the hospital just to be safe.  It turned out to only be round ligament pain (I had some pain a month or two before that was this but it was much less painful so I didnt think it was the same thing)  The doc said my uterus was already stretched to 20weeks size  because of expecting twins even though at the time I was only 15 weeks.  She said that it would subside after a few days and that getting a belly support band would help with the pain.  I picked one up and it has helped tremendously, I guess since the belly is resting on the band and not dependent on the ligament only.  They went ahead and scheduled an appointment to check the cervix and yesterday I went in for that appointment.  Since I had a leep procedure a few years ago my cervix is naturally a little shorter than normal and with twins this is something they will most likely be checking every two weeks until I am at around 26 weeks.  The added weight of carrying two babies can cause the cervix to soften and begin to open prematurely allowing the babies to simply fall out so they want to keep a close eye on this.  My test came back good and I was told my cervix is "hard as a rock" and there were no changes even when I was pushing. My next appointment is on the 28th which is to check my cervix again and then I have a regular check up on the 10th of April.

Friday, March 16, 2012

First movements!!

So last night I was laying on the sofa and I felt one of the babies move for the first time.  I am sure that I have felt something before but everything I have read says that it feels like fluttering or gas in the beginning.  This was the first time I have felt a definite thump.  It was so amazing!  I will keep you updated as to when I start feeling them on a more regular basis.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doc Visit

Well no news on the sexes of the babies yet.  The ultrasound department had already left for the day (the downside to the late in the day appointments) so the sonogram she did was on a very old machine so everything was fuzzy.   The doc has started me on a daily regimen of Magnesium and colace.  Colace is to hopefully help with the constipation and she anticipates that because of the constipation I will start having leg cramps and that is what the magnesium is for.  I guess to head it off at the pass.  Those are in addition to the prenatal vitamins I am taking.  She said that while they can not say that bleeding during pregnancy is NORMAL she can say its not ABNORMAL.  After she preformed the sonogram she could see that one of the placentas is positioned right above the cervix, its not resting on it but just above it and that would explain the bleeding I have had.  She said in the next few weeks it should shift up.  She does want to see me for an ultrasound in 2 weeks (March 28th) just to check to make sure the cervix isnt opening but apparently if I am not at least 16 weeks there is nothing that could be done if it is hence why they are waiting.  Hopefully since that appointment is with the ultrasound dept we will be able to see sexes then.  After that I see the doc on April 10th for my regular check up.

Monday, March 12, 2012

too much

So this weekend Steve's Dad was in town to see Steve'e brother and their new family addition in DC and we went down to see them.  I guess it was a little more than my body could handle because the drive alone caused me to have a day and night full of Braxton Hicks contractions (which John had to point out to me what they were cause I thought it was just muscle spasms and didnt think I would start having BH until like my 3rd trimester but I looked it up and low and behold that is what they were) and that night after getting back I had some bleeding, not much but there was a couple of small clots which worried me.  I called the doctor and was put on bed rest for the remainder of the weekend and I go and see her today.  I will post later about how that goes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nuchal Translucency

So we got our test results back for this and they came in at normal ranges.  This is by no means 100% but in all likelihood we have no chromosomal abnormalities.  Overall my nausea has been under control, I tried these mommy pops (hard candy to help with nausea) that was recommended by another mother of twins and they help alot.  However they have started making my teeth hurt so I need to make an appointment with the dentist.  They have made my nausea manageable however sometimes even taking them isnt enough.  Thankfully I havent thrown up in a while, but have had dry heaves several times over the past few days.  Right now I think I have all my symptoms equally competing for what is making me the most miserable and I find that if I can have only one symptom at a time I can deal its just when there is more than just the one that I find myself curled up whining.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh what a day

So was hoping to feel better today but this morning does not greet me well.  I am fighting the urge to throw up.  Hopefully I will have managed to feel better by tonight.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More pics

So yesterday was the nuchal translucency test so we have lots of new sonogram pics.  This test is used to help determine your risk of having a baby with down syndrome or several other chromosomal abnormalities.  Its not 100% but 70-90% accurate and the tech said we looked good but that the doctor would be looking at the blood work as well to know but skin thickness was within the normal ranges and the babies had developed their nasal bones with those with abnormalities would not have at this point.  But because the babies have to be in a very specific position we had almost a full hour of watching them on the monitor.  They were very active the whole time and I was really surprised by how much they moved around.  At one point one of them even had the hiccups!  It was adorable.

This is baby A

Baby A's hand

Baby A's head in profile with hand pulled up to mouth

Baby B

Baby B's head in profile

Baby B is a little deeper so the pics were harder to get good ones.  The tech told us that right now all though I am 12 weeks 4 days that Baby A's gestational age is 13 weeks and Baby B is 13.5 weeks.  So they are getting big fast!  My next OB appointment is the 12th of March but that will be just shy of 15 weeks so it will still be a while longer until we know the sexes of the babies. Hopefully the appointment after that one, which I will venture a guess of April 12 since she seems to want to see me every 4 weeks, would put me almost at 19 weeks and you can usually tell between 16-20 weeks.  The wait is killing me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling good

So yesterday I actually felt good and got a little bit of housework done.  I feel better today as well and today marks 12 weeks for me so maybe the first trimester crappy feeling is going to be done with.  I can hope anyway.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little known pregnancy side effects that I am having

So everyone knows the normal pregnancy side effects, morning sickness, fatigue, and constipation.   Well I am having those and after reading some today (searching for home remedies for anything and everything) found out that a few other things that I have been having that I simply chalked up to bad luck are pregnancy related as well.    

#1.  Headaches-Low blood sugar, increase in hormones, or the reduced blood flow to the brain (since your body now has to divert more to the babies).

#2.  Breathlessness-because the baby is transferring more carbon dioxide to you.  I was actually having nightmares about drowning and suffocating and waking up out of breath.

#3.  A heightened sense of smell- One theory: It helps you stay away from foods that have a high bacteria content or natural toxins, which could harm the fetus during this crucial period of development.   I already have a VERY strong sense of smell so this has been like overdrive for me.

#4.  Constant stuffy nose-increased hormones and blood production cause the mucous membranes to swell, dry, and bleed.

#5.  Sweating all the time-Your metabolism is in overdrive, and extra blood pumping through your body warms the skin. Perspiring is your body's way of cooling off.

#6.  Drooling....constantly-no one's quite sure what prompts the excessive saliva but some pregnant women produce excess saliva -- up to three or four quarts a day!  I will start to doze off and realize my entire pillow is covered in drool!

I know I have skipped some like how when I laugh, sneeze or cough I run the risk of peeing just a little bit but who has time to keep listing all the crazy things my body is doing right now.  Steve says that I have become extra whinny since my symptoms have gotten worse and I think that if he was the one going through all these body changes we would probably not be having kids :)  Lucky for me he grins and bears my complaining and only every now and then mentions that I brought this on myself.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nuchal Translucency scheduled

So I finally managed to get this scheduled and I go to the hospital on the 28th.  This is the test that is run to check for chromosomal abnormalities such as down syndrome.  The test measures the clear space in the tissue at the back of the baby's neck.  Babies with abnormalities tend to accumulate more fluid there during the first trimester.  The nuchal test is less accurate than the amniocentesis test where they draw actual amniotic fluid from the sacs but it is also less dangerous since there will be only a scan and bloodwork.  The only downside I see to going the safe route is that amniocentesis actually shows the baby's chromosomal gene strand so I would have been able to know for sure what the sex of the babies are, however they only really do that test for people who are at high risk for chromosomal defects.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Doc visit

So went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine.  They didnt do a sonogram, honestly I think out of pure laziness since it took them 45 minutes to even call me to the back.  Why book your practice to where everyone is nearly an hour behind their appointment time, just book fewer appointments a day.  I had honestly thought that it took so long the first visit because it was our first visit and they happen to be really busy but this time their was only one other girl in the waiting room to see the doctor and her appointment was at the exact same time as mine and she was called back only a few minutes before me.  Hopefully my next visit will prove they are not as unorganized as they seem.  I like the doctor and her nurse is ok but I really do NOT like the reception staff.  When you work with the public you need to be friendly, I mean a simple "I'm sorry you are having to wait but the doctor will be with you soon" from them would have gone a long way but they just ignore you.   All she did was order some bloodwork and listen to the heartbeats which was all of 5-10 minutes.  That is what really frustrates me because I waited 45 minutes to see her and then she is barely with me anytime and really just does a cursory look which any nurse could have done.  Sigh....Anyway I complain....I was rather irritable yesterday anyway because I was feeling really sick to my stomach.

Since I have no baby pics to show I will show you how huge I am :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Not sleeping

How is it that I will be so incredibly tired but cannot sleep!  I feel like I am up half the night waking up because of this or that.  I have never been a light sleeper but now it seems the slightest noise wakes me and the any non-constant noise keeps me from getting to sleep.  I have to say first trimesters suck!!!!!  No sleep, constantly tired, nausea at every turn....ugh!  I have to say one of my least favorite things is nauseated hunger.  I am starving but nauseous at the same time :(  I am hoping that most of this will pass and that sometime in April I can head down to Albany for the weekend.  Its nice that I can go see everyone, I miss everyone there so much but as of right now I cant be in the car long at all before I get sick.  A trip to the grocery store has been my limit lately.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Last night I was getting ready for bed and went to pee before tucking myself in and I was spotting.  It scared me big time.  I know everyone says it happens sometimes but it scared me really bad regardless.  I called the doctor on call and she told me its ok that sometimes after sex you might have some spotting and from what I read about a thousand other things can cause it as well.  Most are nothing to worry about.  She put me on bed rest for the day and I am to take it easy for the next few days and if it gets worse to call them.  It just scared me so bad cause I dont want to lose the babies.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can I actually do this?

So some days I wake up and have this fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Now I know it is too soon to be feeling the babies but right now I have come to associate this feeling with high anxiety days.  On the days I feel this I tend to run a little "high" on the maintenance end.  These days are my "OMG can I actually raise two children" days.  I think that this is god's way of evening the scales for mommies to be all over.  I have wanted a baby for so long and have baby sat so much over the years and been Aunt Tiffany to so many kids that there was never any doubt in my mind that "I can do this".  Interacting with kids comes naturally to me and its like I send out these vibes that only children can feel that say "Yes, I would love to play with you"  because over the years I have kids just decide that they want to talk to me will just sit down and randomly talk to me.  I'm not talking about kids of my family and friends but complete strangers.  And when I meet kids that dont just automatically like me, I dont stop until they do, I'm not above bribery.  All this made me utterly confident in myself that being a mom was what I was born to do and I would excel.  I think expecting naturally brings out the "can I do this" in parents to be and I think that because god was afraid I wouldnt have that moment, he decided to give me twins.  At least to even the playing field for me with all the other moms to be :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost feel better

So today I seem to have mostly gotten over the severe dehydration and I am no longer seeing life with a motion blur on it.  My head is still the tiniest bit swimmy but pretty ok overall.  I am back to regular nausea or at least my stomach is tolerating the nausea again.  Its amazing how long it takes to feel normal again after getting sick like that, you think "oh just drink some fluids, you'll feel better tomorrow"  but its more like hydrate and feel better in several days.  Just typing up that post the other day took forever because it was like my concentration was sapped from my body too.  The doc did send me home with a 30ct supply of  prescription anti-nausea meds so I can take them if I need to, however they give me a headache every time I take them so I have to take some acetaminophen with them.  Thanks to everyone who sent me some tips on ways to control my nausea, so far though nothing is really working (even the rx only works to a certain point)

My next tip request is where to buy panties......currently all my panties are the little board short ones, but it has gotten to where I cannot stand to have anything touch my stomach.  I want some that ride low in the front hitting just at the pelvic bone but will still cover my butt.  If anyone knows of some I should check out let me know.

I have also come up with a new type of snuggie or blanket that needs to be invented.  Since all the nausea and stuff my stomach is SUPER sensitive to touch and warmth and I cant stand to have my clothes or blankets touch it.  So this is where my idea for the pregnant snuggie comes from.....a snuggie that still wraps around the arms but has a big belly hole cut in it.  I find myself having to get one set of blankets for my top and one set for my bottom right now :P  I tuck one set just under my belly and the other just under my boobs.  I think I may make some footie pajamas like this, they have like a round zipper exert in the middle.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And it gets worse

So Wednesday night I finally started throwing up and I spent the next 36 hours puking my guts up.  Friday morning I called the OB and she wanted me to go to the labor and delivery ward at the hospital.  They held me for a several hours pumping me full of fluids.  It took them forever just to get my IV started because I was so dehydrated (my hand is a huge bruise) and they sent me home with some anti nausea medicine.  I still feel really crappy and I have lost 8 lbs now but hopefully I will start to feel better now.

Monday, January 30, 2012

ug! I dont feel so good

So my morning sickness hit an all time high over this past week.  It has been occurring at any time of the day but up until now its been fairly easy to rid myself of the nausea.  Like I said up until NOW!  I have been sick as a dog, not actually throwing up, thank goodness, but in a constant state of nausea.  It has been a trial for me to even do the smallest things and I had to force myself to go buy groceries Sunday.  Oh what fun :(  a packed grocery store and me who just the sight of the food makes my stomach turn.  Needless to say I avoided the seafood department like the plague!  So if anyone has any remedies for morning sickness they want to share please feel free.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last OB appointment

So we went to the OB on Wednesday and I got to actually listen to the baby heartbeats for the first time.  It was AMAZING!!!!!  The babies have already gotten so much bigger and they tech told me that the next sonogram I get in 4 weeks they will actually look like miniature babies and no longer blobs.  I did find out from the doc that the reason I got so big so quickly is that my body is shifting its organs now to get ready for when they get bigger so that mass is mostly organs and trapped gas.  She said that I might not change size for a while because I will just begin to "fill" in that space.

Monday, January 23, 2012

7.5 weeks and growing!

Like I said my pants are not fitting anymore for the most part and you can see why now :)  I am getting big fast.  My shirts still fit for the most part since they are fitted around the breasts but loose in the tummy area so those can still be worn a while longer.  I found a pair of maternity jeans on clearance at Target yesterday so I picked those up and mom is sending me a couple of pair she found in Gadsden.  So adding those to my wardrobe and considering I dont go out much since I am working from home I should be in good shape for a little while.  I really think most of weight is just fluid retention because I have only gained 1-2 lbs so far.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Itty Bitty heartbeats!

 Both Babies
 Baby 1
Baby 2

It was really amazing!!  We are definitely having twins and seeing the two small little flutters of their beating hearts was wonderful!  Everyone in the office was elated and that marks my official last visit to the IVF clinic. I did ask them about donating meds and they have a program for that which makes me very happy.  I happen to have some gonal that was never opened and I told the girls that I was fortunate enough to have insurance and would want to help someone else who doesnt and they told me to wait until about halfway through and just come in and drop it off.  The women there were so helpful and I could not have asked for better people in helping us through the process.  I go see the OB on the 25th and I will be posting more then.  My due date is September 5th and I am exactly 6 weeks along according to the doctors.  My pants are already fitting too snug for comfort and I picked up a belly band so I can undo my pants and not feel bad :)  I can already tell I am going to be HUGE!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sooooo sleepy!

I have to say being pregnant is making me sooooo sleepy.  The other day I got up at 10 took a nap from 12-2 went back to bed at 10 and slept until 11 the next morning.  And even getting all this sleep I wake up still tired, I am fatigued all day and no matter how much sleep I get I am still sleepy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

More bloodwork and a date for the sonogram

So today my HCG levels was 4882 up from 2384 and I have my first ultra sound to listen for the heartbeat on January 13th at 11.  They will be able to tell me for certain whether it is indeed twins.  The nurse did tell she was surprised by how high my levels were and thinks it may be twins but we will know for certain soon enough.  I'm kind of getting used to the idea of twins.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Change of meds

So the IVF nurses told me I needed to get my meds changed and unfortunately my Ob appointment is not until the 25th and they said it needed to happen sooner than that.  I gave my doc a call in Seattle since I have not established myself as a patient with a primary care here (the doctor I visited once will NOT be my primary, when I asked to have my meds changed for pregnancy when I visited her she wanted to send me to shrink, which is ok for the depression meds but to change my acid reflux AND restless legs, she wouldnt change anything, she was lazy and wanted to pass the buck) I spoke with my old doc and she called me late last night and has updated my meds.  I am completely off the restless legs meds since all of the meds for that are class c or d and can cause embryo loss.  I told her I would rather be a little more sleepless than lose the baby.  She is tapering me off the effexor and by the time I see the Ob should be ready for whatever they recommend in its place.  My trazodone is staying the same, she said I am on such a low dosage that I will be fine and she doesnt want to take away my sleep aid since I am coming off the restless legs as well.  I go back on Thursday for more blood work and will be posting my new levels later that day.  I am already browsing online and picking out baby furniture.  I have cribs picked out from Ikea but need to wait to see how many and the sex before I decide with one and I am still trying to decide on a changing table/dresser option.  I've picked a rocking chair out already too :)  I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The latest tests

So we went to the hospital on Sunday and Mom ran the tests.  My HCG was 842 and today's HCG level was 2389.  The levels are supposed to double every 72 hours but even though this was only 48 hours later and triple it still falls within the normal ranges.  I should be able to know whether it is twins for sure in 2 to 3 weeks for sure.  No one in the IVF center's office wants to make a guess just based off of my HCG so I have to wait for the official word when they do the ultrasound  in a few weeks.  I'm feeling twins though :P

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Its a baby

So it was positive!!!!!!!!!  More to follow

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