Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Change of meds

So the IVF nurses told me I needed to get my meds changed and unfortunately my Ob appointment is not until the 25th and they said it needed to happen sooner than that.  I gave my doc a call in Seattle since I have not established myself as a patient with a primary care here (the doctor I visited once will NOT be my primary, when I asked to have my meds changed for pregnancy when I visited her she wanted to send me to shrink, which is ok for the depression meds but to change my acid reflux AND restless legs, she wouldnt change anything, she was lazy and wanted to pass the buck) I spoke with my old doc and she called me late last night and has updated my meds.  I am completely off the restless legs meds since all of the meds for that are class c or d and can cause embryo loss.  I told her I would rather be a little more sleepless than lose the baby.  She is tapering me off the effexor and by the time I see the Ob should be ready for whatever they recommend in its place.  My trazodone is staying the same, she said I am on such a low dosage that I will be fine and she doesnt want to take away my sleep aid since I am coming off the restless legs as well.  I go back on Thursday for more blood work and will be posting my new levels later that day.  I am already browsing online and picking out baby furniture.  I have cribs picked out from Ikea but need to wait to see how many and the sex before I decide with one and I am still trying to decide on a changing table/dresser option.  I've picked a rocking chair out already too :)  I am so excited!!!

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  1. so exciting! what if it IS twins?! that would be crazy! <3



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