Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More pics

So yesterday was the nuchal translucency test so we have lots of new sonogram pics.  This test is used to help determine your risk of having a baby with down syndrome or several other chromosomal abnormalities.  Its not 100% but 70-90% accurate and the tech said we looked good but that the doctor would be looking at the blood work as well to know but skin thickness was within the normal ranges and the babies had developed their nasal bones with those with abnormalities would not have at this point.  But because the babies have to be in a very specific position we had almost a full hour of watching them on the monitor.  They were very active the whole time and I was really surprised by how much they moved around.  At one point one of them even had the hiccups!  It was adorable.

This is baby A

Baby A's hand

Baby A's head in profile with hand pulled up to mouth

Baby B

Baby B's head in profile

Baby B is a little deeper so the pics were harder to get good ones.  The tech told us that right now all though I am 12 weeks 4 days that Baby A's gestational age is 13 weeks and Baby B is 13.5 weeks.  So they are getting big fast!  My next OB appointment is the 12th of March but that will be just shy of 15 weeks so it will still be a while longer until we know the sexes of the babies. Hopefully the appointment after that one, which I will venture a guess of April 12 since she seems to want to see me every 4 weeks, would put me almost at 19 weeks and you can usually tell between 16-20 weeks.  The wait is killing me!


  1. Wow! You can already see their fingers and their little faces!

    1. I know! Its so hard not to cry every sonogram but its just so AMAZING! I am hoping that we will get lucky and be able to tell the sexes next week at my appointment although its not quite 15 weeks but sometimes you can tell as early as 12 so fingers crossed!



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