Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Bedding

I had been toying with the idea of making the bedding for Adaleigh's crib since there are so few vibrantly colored sets out there so this weekend I picked up a pattern at JoAnn's fabric on sale for 99 cents.  I sat down with it and started to figure out the amounts of each fabric I would need for the bumper, bedskirt, and quilt and decided on fabrics I like and realized it was more expensive than just buying a bedding set.  So I am now registered for bedding at target :P  I had already decided on bedding for Brasker from there, space ships bedding and I had picked out a tentative one for Adaleigh already just in case I didnt make it.  Adaleigh's bedding 

On a different note we are pretty sure we are moving the shower up to the end of April instead of the end of May.  Everyone is worried about me traveling that far along because of how huge I will be.  We just want to double check with the doc and make sure it will be ok so we wont say for sure until the 10th.


  1. Are you going to try and get a bed skirt for Brasker's bed also? I didn't see one that matched the set you had picked out.

    1. Yes, I will have to keep my eyes open for one because I want to be able to hide storage stuff there since they wont have a closet in their room.



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