Monday, May 21, 2012

On a happier note

So I figured that if I had one post of nothing but complaining I needed to have one that was more cheerful.

Steve was able to feel Adaleigh kick for the first time yesterday!  They were both pretty active this weekend and I was sitting in the rocking chair and she had been kicking (hard enough that I noticed the jolt it gave my stomach out of the corner of my eye) so I called Steve over and he was able to just faintly feel one of her kicks.  I swear I think she stops whenever he touches my belly though cause every time she would start I would call him over and she would have been kicking a lot and no sooner that he touches me she would settle down.  I think it may be a little while before he will be able to feel Brac though because of the area he is in has more fat and skin in between him and the outside while the area Adaleigh is in is thinner.  I can actually see my stomach change in shape when she turns or rolls but can only feel it when he does.

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