Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nuchal Translucency

So we got our test results back for this and they came in at normal ranges.  This is by no means 100% but in all likelihood we have no chromosomal abnormalities.  Overall my nausea has been under control, I tried these mommy pops (hard candy to help with nausea) that was recommended by another mother of twins and they help alot.  However they have started making my teeth hurt so I need to make an appointment with the dentist.  They have made my nausea manageable however sometimes even taking them isnt enough.  Thankfully I havent thrown up in a while, but have had dry heaves several times over the past few days.  Right now I think I have all my symptoms equally competing for what is making me the most miserable and I find that if I can have only one symptom at a time I can deal its just when there is more than just the one that I find myself curled up whining.

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