Saturday, December 31, 2011


The wait is freaking killing me!  Tomorrow we are taking a caravan to Mom's hospital to have her run the test and we will find out!  Its going to be me, Steve, Mom, Dad, Joey (my brother), Laura (Steve's mom), and Grandmother.  I am so excited.

Friday, December 16, 2011

In they go!

So they transferred 2 embryos this morning and now we wait.  We will be able to do our first pregnancy test on the 1st.  Any earlier and there is a chance of a false positive because of the hormone treatments I have been on. Everyone will know as soon as I do!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day

I talked with the doctor this afternoon and of the 4 eggs that fertilized 3 produced 3 cells and 1 produced 4.  They had to at least produce 2 to be able to move to the next stage so all of my fertilized ones were good.  Which means if this transfer does not result in a pregnancy I wont have to go through the heavy hormone treatment again.  That is good news cause it made me tired, bloated, and moody :)  I go in tomorrow at 9:45 and they will do some preliminary blood work then at 10:30 do the transfer.  Everyone pray for us, we need all the help we can get.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So 4 out of 6 fertilized but the remaining two will be kept through the morning to see if they eventually do.  Later they will look at the eggs again and make sure there are no embryos with abnormalities.  More info to come.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So today they went and did the retrieval of the eggs, I am really sore and have slept most of the day and just rested.  They retrieved 6 eggs and will call me tomorrow and let me know how many fertilized.  More info to come!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

We have a date!

So had my doctor's appointment this morning and we now have a date.  Tuesday December 13th, my birthday, we go in for the egg retrieval.  I was told that they expect to get 8-12 eggs from me, which is normal, based on the number of follicles and sizes.  Then on Friday we go back in for them to implant the embryos!!!!!!!!!!  This would make a due date of September 7th!!!!!!!  I am so unbelievably excited.  Everyone please keep us in your prayers.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Another day another doctor's appointment

So I had another appointment today and they did blood work and an ultra sound.  I call them at 1 to see what changes they are making to my meds and then I see them yet again tomorrow.  Apparently tomorrow will decide my day.  I think that will be when I am told to take my progestrone which tells my body to release the egg so we are looking at Monday but this is still tentative.  More info to come tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And again...

Had another doctors appointment today and they adjusted my meds again and did an ultra sound.  I have 2 large follicles and 3 small on each ovary.  I'm symmetrical apparently :)  I have to go back in again on Friday for more labs and ultra sound again.  Doc did tell me that we are still looking on schedule and they will know more Friday but the retrieval will be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  I am having awful nausea and my stomach feels "full".  Its to be expected since my ovaries are getting nice and plump with eggs but it causes some discomfort.  It feels different than being bloated or food stuffed but a definite tightness in the lower abdomen.  Well more info to come Friday.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm a pin cushion!

Had a doctor's appointment this morning for some baseline blood work.  I call them back later today to get the new shot dosages based on the test results.  I do think that my two new shots have larger gauged needles because they do hurt a bit and feel much tighter when I go in and out with the needle.  The spots are becoming more pronounced on my stomach now that I am having to do 3 shots a night.  I look like a pin cushion that has been thoroughly used :D  I am counting the days until the implantation.  I am so excited and impatient.  I just wish it would get here already!  I am still really tired taking a nap nearly everyday, I'm able to fight it some days but others I am not so lucky.  My hot flashes are not as bad as they were, I am actually able to sleep in the bed again.  Hopefully they will stay at bay.

Friday, December 2, 2011

3 Shots a day

So I went to the doctor yesterday and they did some bloodwork on me and an ultrasound.  All of my results were good I guess and they gave me the new dosages of my medicines.  I have to decrease the amount of Lupron to 5 units and I start the Gonal and Menapur shots today.  Now I will be giving myself 3 shots a day until the day of retrieval.  I go back to the doctor on Monday and they will do bloodwork again and update my dosages again.  Its coming down to only a matter of days.  About 10 days until the retrieval, I will know more the closer it gets but it could be the 12th, 13th, or 14th for retrieval and the 15th or 16th for implantation.  Wish us luck and I will keep everyone posted.

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