Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can I actually do this?

So some days I wake up and have this fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Now I know it is too soon to be feeling the babies but right now I have come to associate this feeling with high anxiety days.  On the days I feel this I tend to run a little "high" on the maintenance end.  These days are my "OMG can I actually raise two children" days.  I think that this is god's way of evening the scales for mommies to be all over.  I have wanted a baby for so long and have baby sat so much over the years and been Aunt Tiffany to so many kids that there was never any doubt in my mind that "I can do this".  Interacting with kids comes naturally to me and its like I send out these vibes that only children can feel that say "Yes, I would love to play with you"  because over the years I have kids just decide that they want to talk to me will just sit down and randomly talk to me.  I'm not talking about kids of my family and friends but complete strangers.  And when I meet kids that dont just automatically like me, I dont stop until they do, I'm not above bribery.  All this made me utterly confident in myself that being a mom was what I was born to do and I would excel.  I think expecting naturally brings out the "can I do this" in parents to be and I think that because god was afraid I wouldnt have that moment, he decided to give me twins.  At least to even the playing field for me with all the other moms to be :)

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  1. You are going to be SUCH an amazing mom! No doubts about it whatsoever!



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