Monday, February 6, 2012

Almost feel better

So today I seem to have mostly gotten over the severe dehydration and I am no longer seeing life with a motion blur on it.  My head is still the tiniest bit swimmy but pretty ok overall.  I am back to regular nausea or at least my stomach is tolerating the nausea again.  Its amazing how long it takes to feel normal again after getting sick like that, you think "oh just drink some fluids, you'll feel better tomorrow"  but its more like hydrate and feel better in several days.  Just typing up that post the other day took forever because it was like my concentration was sapped from my body too.  The doc did send me home with a 30ct supply of  prescription anti-nausea meds so I can take them if I need to, however they give me a headache every time I take them so I have to take some acetaminophen with them.  Thanks to everyone who sent me some tips on ways to control my nausea, so far though nothing is really working (even the rx only works to a certain point)

My next tip request is where to buy panties......currently all my panties are the little board short ones, but it has gotten to where I cannot stand to have anything touch my stomach.  I want some that ride low in the front hitting just at the pelvic bone but will still cover my butt.  If anyone knows of some I should check out let me know.

I have also come up with a new type of snuggie or blanket that needs to be invented.  Since all the nausea and stuff my stomach is SUPER sensitive to touch and warmth and I cant stand to have my clothes or blankets touch it.  So this is where my idea for the pregnant snuggie comes from.....a snuggie that still wraps around the arms but has a big belly hole cut in it.  I find myself having to get one set of blankets for my top and one set for my bottom right now :P  I tuck one set just under my belly and the other just under my boobs.  I think I may make some footie pajamas like this, they have like a round zipper exert in the middle.

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