Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Locked out

So this morning Steve accidentally locked me out of the house when he left for work.  I have always been concerned that he would do this when I was out walking the dogs but since I've become so big he has to carry the dogs down for me (I can take them up fine its just going down where we worry that they might pull me off balance) it has not been a real possibility.  Well this morning we get downstairs and he heads to the car after handing them off to me but realizes he left something upstairs and has to run back up.  After I finish my loop round the parking lot I head back up and low and behold the door is locked.  I was extremely lucky though and the guy next door was bringing his pup upstairs at the same time as me and let me borrow his phone to call Steve to let me in.  He offered for me and the dogs to come in but I declined and just sat on the curb in the sunshine downstairs.  Luckily today was chill but not cold.  Already such an exciting day and its just getting started.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maternity wear

So yesterday I met a girl from Craigslist to get her old maternity clothes and I actually fared pretty well.  Out of the the 15 bottoms, 14 tops, and 3 dresses I came out home with for $20, 6 tops and 4 pants fit right away (they ranged in size from L to 2X), 1 skirt, 1 pair of slacks, and 3 dresses I will never wear and 1 pair of jeans that although they fit, the elastic band is too tight for comfort.  It was a pair of the ones that just has the thick band rather than the full belly spandex and those just arent comfortable to me at all.  Some of the larger sizes may never fit but I am going to hold onto them just in case, I have heard that sometimes with twins you have to go to the larger sizes and just deal with it being baggy everywhere else just to accommodate your huge belly.  Not bad at all for only $20.  Even the consignment places charge between $4-7 for just one shirt or pair of pants if not more.  In addition to those, Mom bought me 3 dresses, 3 blouses, and 2 tshirts yesterday plus Laura got me several cafe press tees (although they are pretty casual and I like to dress just a little nicer for my doctor appointments since its one of the only times I am out) and I already have 4 pairs of pants, 1 skirt and 2 blouses.  I was also looking in the consignment stores down by Steve's work yesterday and a woman dropping off donations gave me a practically brand new (its quite possibly never been used cause it isnt faded and has no stains) baby bjorn!  She told me they wouldnt take it and was just going to give it to goodwill and she just gave it to me, offered me a couple of other things but they were things I had already or, in the case of the nursing bras, were not my size.  It was so nice of her to do that and the bjorn carrier is not cheap either, it goes for $80 new.  Its nice being in a friendly region again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whats with all the touching?

So I dont know why but I must exude something that says its ok for a stranger to touch my belly!  I dont mind family and friends touching my belly but what possesses a stranger to touch my belly?!  It is so weird that these people think "oh you are pregnant so its ok to disregard your comfort zone".  These people wouldnt touch me if I was not pregnant so what is it about the pregnant belly that gives strangers the green light to go against social norms.  Maybe I should get a shirt that says look but dont touch ^_^

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iphone BG

Steve made an iphone BG out of a couple of the sonogram pics so that both babies can be visible.


So I have started having my first real cravings.  Sonic strawberry slushes!!!!!   This past week Steve took me on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to get one and its not really close to the house (15 to 20 minutes away depending on traffic)  Steve has been great though and not complained why I sullenly say I want a slush.  I expect him to say no just because its so far away but he just says ok and drives me over there.  He has been great and doesnt complain about how crazy I am or how everything makes me cry.  He sent me a movie trailer the other day about a dog and I was crying before it was over.....stupid hormones.  I have a great husband who is going to be a great dad and I am very lucky!

Monday, April 16, 2012

9 more days!!!!!!

Only 9 more days until we head back to Alabama!  I am so excited and past ready to see my family.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Adaleigh's girl parts


 Brasker's boy parts


So we are cleared for travel

We went to the doctor yesterday and we have been cleared for travel for the end of the month.  I think we plan on leaving Wednesday afternoon on the 25th, two weeks away!!!!!  The doctor said that as long as I take my walking and pee breaks every two hours I will be fine.  I have been taken off of every two week cervical length monitoring as well.  My cervix has stayed strong and had no changes so they will only do it at my regular appointments now.  The babies are doing great and Adaleigh is still a girl and we were told "as certain as you can be with an ultrasound".  The babies have moved into their final positions (as far as who is on top or bottom, they will still move around in their given areas until they take their birthing positions)  and Brasker is on bottom with his head down already and feet pointed up and Adaleigh is horizontal across the top with her head to the left side and feet to the right.  They were both pretty active during the sonogram but Brasker by far was the biggest mover.  He is going to be a handful I can already tell.  Everytime the tech was scanning Adaleigh you could see his little feet just kicking and when they were checking my cervix his arms were waving.  It was like he was going "hey over here".  The babies gestational age is still slightly older than they are which is great and Brasker is weighing in at 9 ounces and Adaleigh at 8 ounces.  I will post pics later on from the visit, possibly tomorrow since I am not feeling well this afternoon.  I had a dentist appointment this morning and the combined activities from the two days has made me tired (and irritable, poor Steve) so I may not get to it today.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy babies

So the babies were going crazy yesterday!  I kept feeling them move all day long so I think they have started fighting for space.  A whole lot of "Mom he/she is touching me"!  Its really nice now that I have started feeling them move on a regular basis and I cant wait til they become definite feelings and not just "big drop on a roller coaster feeling" in my stomach.  I want Steve to be able to feel them too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belly progression pic

So here is week 7 til now

its crazy how big I am, on top of it all I havent gained any weight still.  Right around 9 weeks I was really sick and couldnt keep down anything and lost 8 lbs, I have managed to gain that back finally but only as of the last week or so.  Its just crazy, I weigh as much as I did before pregnancy but I am SOOOOO much bigger :P

Ugh side pain

So I am pretty sure Adaleigh is pressing (or being pressed by Brasker since he was taking up the majority of the space in there like he was the only one in there on previous sonograms) into my right side organs.  It has been staying so sore and hurts when I move around too much.  All the stuff I read about pain in that area is related to gallbladder or appendix problems but I dont have any of those organs anymore.  It feels more to the side anyway, right around the bottom rib.  I plan to ask the doctor about it next week.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Bedding

I had been toying with the idea of making the bedding for Adaleigh's crib since there are so few vibrantly colored sets out there so this weekend I picked up a pattern at JoAnn's fabric on sale for 99 cents.  I sat down with it and started to figure out the amounts of each fabric I would need for the bumper, bedskirt, and quilt and decided on fabrics I like and realized it was more expensive than just buying a bedding set.  So I am now registered for bedding at target :P  I had already decided on bedding for Brasker from there, space ships bedding and I had picked out a tentative one for Adaleigh already just in case I didnt make it.  Adaleigh's bedding 

On a different note we are pretty sure we are moving the shower up to the end of April instead of the end of May.  Everyone is worried about me traveling that far along because of how huge I will be.  We just want to double check with the doc and make sure it will be ok so we wont say for sure until the 10th.

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