Monday, June 4, 2012

June 3rd- A Momentous Occassion

So yesterday morning I was sitting on the sofa playing on the ipad and due to the very active nature of Adaleigh that morning I decided to lay the ipad on my tummy so Steve could see her kicking it (rather heartily I might add)  Well once he finished up the stuff he was working on he came and sat beside me and the first few kicks were very light so only slight jiggling of the device and so I flipped it so it was once again cold on my stomach and that is when she gave some fierce kicks and really sent it rocking which of course made Steve jump.  After he showed so much excitement over the "big" movements I took the pad off and put his hands on my belly and let him feel her kicking.  It really blew him away because he said this was the first time feeling them that he knew without me telling him that it was the babies moving.  He said all the other times he would have just thought it was food digesting or something if I had not told him differently.  It was a very special moment for our developing family.


  1. Any semblance of stalwart manhood I had, was instantly shattered by my amazing unborn daughter's tiny little kick.

  2. How wonderful it is!!! Love all y'all very much!



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