Friday, July 27, 2012


What had happened was.......
The night I went into labor I had taken a dulcolax because I had not pooped in about 10 days.  The kids were stopping me up and the PlumSmart digestive health juice I had been drinking to control it was no longer an option due to my newly and most likely miss diagnosed gestational diabetes.  I took it right before I went to sleep because it usually takes 8-10 hours to work for me and this way it would hit me in the morning when I would be awake.  I even told Steve that I was taking it and that I might have some stomach cramps that night but not to worry because it would be the dulcolax.  Go figure, right.

About 12:30 am I woke up with my stomach hurting really bad, almost period like cramping so I got up and went to the bathroom.  The pains finally subsided and I laid back down but about 15 minutes later they started again and I repeated the bathroom trip once again.  These continued for another 2 hours coming about every 15 minutes so I decided to take a shower hoping this would make me go and I would be able to get some sleep.  At this point Steve woke up and I told him I was just having pooping pains (which is what I thought it was) and I was ok and would wake him up if I needed to go to the hospital.  

Fast forward to 3:30 and my pains are still 15 apart but much worse and I start throwing up.  I wake Steve and call the doctor and I am told to come on down to triage.  (I would also note here that before I woke anyone up I had been googling if dulcolax could cause labor-like pains or send you into labor..........I later got in trouble for using the internet instead of just waking my mom up to ask her)  Once we made it down the two flights of stairs and were in the car on the way to the hospital my contractions had gone from 15 minutes apart to 4........I completely skipped 5-14 minutes must have been the stairs :)  Once they got me in the exam room the doctor checked me and I was fully dilated and effaced and she could actually feel Brasker so they called my doctor and started prepping me for a c-section.   

They started my IV and gave me some nasty syrup stuff to help keep me from throwing up under anesthesia but it just made me throw up what little was in my stomach.  My contractions were coming about every 2 minutes and becoming rather painful and after one particular bad one and some choice words I apologized the nurses.  They told me they had heard much worse and with my southern accent it was rather cute.  I was asked what my pain level was at and I told them it was an 8, my mom told me she was sure I was going to say 10 and her and my nurse found it hilarious when I said I wanted to be able to go up if I needed to (which I eventually did, the contraction that broke my water was definitely a 10).  

They finally wheeled me to the OR and as they are having me shift onto the operating table my water breaks........we arrived at 4 and my water broke at 4:40.  To say my labor progressed very quickly is  an understatement.  Once on the table they gave me a spinal block and from there things got a LOT better for me.  Steve was allowed back and just having him there made me more at ease.  My beautiful daughter arrived at 5:56 am, just over an hour after being put on the operating table and not quite 2 hours after arriving at the hospital.



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