Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little known pregnancy side effects that I am having

So everyone knows the normal pregnancy side effects, morning sickness, fatigue, and constipation.   Well I am having those and after reading some today (searching for home remedies for anything and everything) found out that a few other things that I have been having that I simply chalked up to bad luck are pregnancy related as well.    

#1.  Headaches-Low blood sugar, increase in hormones, or the reduced blood flow to the brain (since your body now has to divert more to the babies).

#2.  Breathlessness-because the baby is transferring more carbon dioxide to you.  I was actually having nightmares about drowning and suffocating and waking up out of breath.

#3.  A heightened sense of smell- One theory: It helps you stay away from foods that have a high bacteria content or natural toxins, which could harm the fetus during this crucial period of development.   I already have a VERY strong sense of smell so this has been like overdrive for me.

#4.  Constant stuffy nose-increased hormones and blood production cause the mucous membranes to swell, dry, and bleed.

#5.  Sweating all the time-Your metabolism is in overdrive, and extra blood pumping through your body warms the skin. Perspiring is your body's way of cooling off.

#6.  Drooling....constantly-no one's quite sure what prompts the excessive saliva but some pregnant women produce excess saliva -- up to three or four quarts a day!  I will start to doze off and realize my entire pillow is covered in drool!

I know I have skipped some like how when I laugh, sneeze or cough I run the risk of peeing just a little bit but who has time to keep listing all the crazy things my body is doing right now.  Steve says that I have become extra whinny since my symptoms have gotten worse and I think that if he was the one going through all these body changes we would probably not be having kids :)  Lucky for me he grins and bears my complaining and only every now and then mentions that I brought this on myself.


  1. I for one, am totally thankful that it is you carrying the babies and not my son! When he starts giving you a hard time, you can call and whine to me. Love ya!!

    1. He is really good about putting up with me because I KNOW I am being extremely whinny. It even bothers me because I am not typically a "whinny because I dont feel good" person but feeling bad all the time must bring it out in me :)

  2. Your not whinny at all. I'd be a complete jerk if i had two stowaways in me. But your rockin those baby's like a champ!

  3. The laugh/cough/sneeze and pee doesn't go away unfortunately. Now that the twins are potty trained, I am the family member with the least amount of bladder control.



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