Friday, July 27, 2012

Adaleigh is doing fantastic!!!

Last night Adaleigh was moved to a crib!!!!!!  No more isolette, she has no IVs, she is up to 35 ml in her feedings, they have added fortifier to her milk, and she is up to 4 lbs 3 oz in weight.  That is a full ounce above her birth weight!  She is still being tube fed but the nurse did ask me if I was ok with the occupational therapist trying a bottle with her so hopefully she will be home soon.  I am totally ok with the bottle as long as it is still my breast milk.  I do want to do a combination of breast and bottle and apparently if you dont do breast only babies typically come home sooner.  Everyone continue to pray for us, the prayers are going a long way towards her recovery and it shows.

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