Friday, February 17, 2012

Doc visit

So went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine.  They didnt do a sonogram, honestly I think out of pure laziness since it took them 45 minutes to even call me to the back.  Why book your practice to where everyone is nearly an hour behind their appointment time, just book fewer appointments a day.  I had honestly thought that it took so long the first visit because it was our first visit and they happen to be really busy but this time their was only one other girl in the waiting room to see the doctor and her appointment was at the exact same time as mine and she was called back only a few minutes before me.  Hopefully my next visit will prove they are not as unorganized as they seem.  I like the doctor and her nurse is ok but I really do NOT like the reception staff.  When you work with the public you need to be friendly, I mean a simple "I'm sorry you are having to wait but the doctor will be with you soon" from them would have gone a long way but they just ignore you.   All she did was order some bloodwork and listen to the heartbeats which was all of 5-10 minutes.  That is what really frustrates me because I waited 45 minutes to see her and then she is barely with me anytime and really just does a cursory look which any nurse could have done.  Sigh....Anyway I complain....I was rather irritable yesterday anyway because I was feeling really sick to my stomach.

Since I have no baby pics to show I will show you how huge I am :)

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  1. I'd check Yelp and see if you can find a more sympathetic doctor.



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