Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The ever expanding

So I am huge!  My doctor appointment on Friday measured me at 41 cm which is full term so that tells you how much larger I shall get over the next 7-11 weeks.  I am getting more nervous as the days pass but it has less to do with giving birth as it does the 5 week period I have of "any day now".  Twins are considered full term between 35-37 weeks, 36 weeks would put me due on August 10th but its also not unheard of for twins to go the full 40 weeks either, as long as the mother is in good health the doctor wont induce.  At least regular pregnancies only have a 2 week period of "any day now" I feel like the waiting is the worst part or maybe the sciatic pain :P  I havent decided for sure yet.  Brasker has settled down nicely on mine and I can only stay in the upright sitting position for about an hour at a time before it hurts too badly.

27 weeks (12 days ago)

28 weeks (today)

just in those few short days I have managed to get a good deal bigger!  Notice I still have my innie but in those short days it has gotten significantly more shallow.  Steve says he is afraid to look because it might just all the sudden pop out!

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