Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Itty Bitty heartbeats!

 Both Babies
 Baby 1
Baby 2

It was really amazing!!  We are definitely having twins and seeing the two small little flutters of their beating hearts was wonderful!  Everyone in the office was elated and that marks my official last visit to the IVF clinic. I did ask them about donating meds and they have a program for that which makes me very happy.  I happen to have some gonal that was never opened and I told the girls that I was fortunate enough to have insurance and would want to help someone else who doesnt and they told me to wait until about halfway through and just come in and drop it off.  The women there were so helpful and I could not have asked for better people in helping us through the process.  I go see the OB on the 25th and I will be posting more then.  My due date is September 5th and I am exactly 6 weeks along according to the doctors.  My pants are already fitting too snug for comfort and I picked up a belly band so I can undo my pants and not feel bad :)  I can already tell I am going to be HUGE!  


  1. Tiff that's so wonderful! Please name them Luke and Leia if they're a boy and girl :D Joking... maybe...



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