Friday, June 15, 2012

Diabetic testing

So I went yesterday to the doctor and she helped me set up a calorie meal plan appropriate for someone carrying twins, showed me how to test my blood sugar, and choose actual meals.  I realize now the size of the actual meals are more than I can actually eat so I need to email to see if I can make them smaller ones and add additional snacks.  Even though her plan has me eating every 2-3 hours I usually eat every 1-2 hours just smaller portions than what they put down.  I just stay so hungry.  I do need to check with her though because I dont know if that would effect my drawn levels since I am supposed to check first thing in the morning before I eat and again 2 hours after every meal so a total of 4 sticks a day.  So far all of my numbers have been tracking fine.

On a different note I stayed out on Steve's side of town all day yesterday because of that doctors appointment and really paid the price for it last night.  Most people know that being on your feet a lot while pregnant can cause your legs and feet to swell, I knew this and but luckily since I stay home it has not been a problem.  Yesterday since I was out I did have some swelling, not much mind you but some.  Apparently one thing people fail to mention is that after you lay down and the swelling goes away all that water that was causing the swelling has to go somewhere...........needless to say I went to bed at 10:40 but was up at 11:45, 12:20, 1:23, 2:30, 3:30, 4:40: 6:40, and finally when Steve started getting dressed at 8:15 I just got out of bed for good.  I actually thought something was wrong and during the 3:30 pee break got the ipad out to look up what could be wrong because I knew every time I go to the doctor one of the questions they always ask is have I been going to the bathroom more frequently than normal and this was way above my normal amount.  Needless to say I will definitely want to keep my daily activities to a minimum now that I have started having some minor swelling, especially if I want to get a decent nights rest without having to pee every 10 minutes :P


  1. I had GD as well. I flunked all 4 numbers on mine with flying colors and had to do insulin I was so bad. The meal thing drove me crazy. I needed to graze, but how do you do that when you are supposed to inject insulin and then test 2 hours after, I couldn't ever go 2 hours without eating! They said I could switch to testing 1 hour after. Fun times.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!! They want my actual meals to be so large but I cant eat it as there is just no room! And I am CONSTANTLY hungry so its hard to go the 2 hours without eating. At least mine was not as bad as yours. I just really have to avoid the overly sweet stuff and I have had something sweet on occasion but even then my numbers still come out fine......I think that they mis-diagnosed me because the tech called me back after drinking the glucose stuff after only 45 mins and that was my only high number on my 3 hour and my 1 hour was only 2 points high and they called me back 10 minutes early that time.



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