Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well its been a few days

I havent been as diligent keeping this updated this week with my brother, Joey, visiting.  Wednesday and Thursday, I had some mild cramping and soreness in the pelvic region and Friday when I got up it was pretty bad so I called the doctor and they wanted me to go to Labor and Delivery at the hospital just to be safe.  It turned out to only be round ligament pain (I had some pain a month or two before that was this but it was much less painful so I didnt think it was the same thing)  The doc said my uterus was already stretched to 20weeks size  because of expecting twins even though at the time I was only 15 weeks.  She said that it would subside after a few days and that getting a belly support band would help with the pain.  I picked one up and it has helped tremendously, I guess since the belly is resting on the band and not dependent on the ligament only.  They went ahead and scheduled an appointment to check the cervix and yesterday I went in for that appointment.  Since I had a leep procedure a few years ago my cervix is naturally a little shorter than normal and with twins this is something they will most likely be checking every two weeks until I am at around 26 weeks.  The added weight of carrying two babies can cause the cervix to soften and begin to open prematurely allowing the babies to simply fall out so they want to keep a close eye on this.  My test came back good and I was told my cervix is "hard as a rock" and there were no changes even when I was pushing. My next appointment is on the 28th which is to check my cervix again and then I have a regular check up on the 10th of April.

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