Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday night adventures

So Friday night I told Steve I was worried that I havent felt Adaleigh move as much as she normally does during the day and that I was going to call the doctor and see what they said.  She has shifted further down and it has gotten harder to distinguish between their movements at times.  Of course they sent me to the hospital but the funny thing is apparently the "rolling over movements" I have been attributing to her were in fact contractions. So for the past month anytime I thought she was rolling over I was actually having
contractions.  I would have never guessed that was what it was and the nurse was in the middle of setting up monitors on me and doing stuff and says "Oh you're having a contraction".  Imagine my surprise.  I continued to have them at irregular intervals the entire hospital visit but I dont normally get them as often as I was that night.  I think the fact that they had me laying on my back was actually causing  more of them that usual.  It drives me crazy they tell you dont lay on your back when pregnant and the first thing they do is put you on your back at the hospital which for me is a VERY uncomfortable position.  They kept me for several hours to make sure the contractions did not become time-able and that I was not dilating any further (first doctor said I was at 1cm but the second said it was not a true 1 cm dilation because only the outer cervix opening was 1cm not the inner opening)  They never truly figured out what was causing the contractions and since I have been having them for so long the nurse said it just looked like an irritable uterus.  I looked this up and the way the contractions this causes are describes sounds exactly like what I am feeling.  "Wave-like" contractions are from an irritable uterus,this is part of the reason I would have never thought they were actual contractions since real contractions harden the entire uterus at once and these feel like someone squeezing the uterus from top to bottom and hardening in only about 3-4 inch area at a time.  From what I read doctors dont know what causes it and women seem to be able to figure out what triggers it for them and I think laying on my back may be a trigger for me (when they allowed me to sit on the side of the bed the contractions tapered off) but sitting, standing, walking, lifting, sex, exercising, constipation, full bladder. ect. the list went on and on of things other women have found triggers theirs.  So when I see the doctor on July 3rd I imagine we will be talking more about this in depth.

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