Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another restless night

So I guess I can say goodbye to ever sleeping again.  At this point I am speculating I will sleep better once the twins are actually here!  I tried the bed and the couch but ended up back in the bed in the end and was practically asleep on my feet except for the discomfort in my hips and the restless legs and arms.  My head kept drooping but the jerks from my RLS kept jolting me back into consciousness anytime I would get close to nodding off.  Luckily sometime after 3 pure exhaustion won out.  Steve was sweet enough to let me sleep this morning and took the dogs out for me (usually I walk down with him when he leaves and I walk them after he takes them down the stairs for me)  I'm still going to have to nap today though, I already feel the headache coming on from lack of good sleep.  Maybe tonight will be better.

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