Monday, July 9, 2012

The loss of Brasker

So Friday morning I woke up and was feeling a little dizzy so we called the doctor and were sent to the labor and delivery triage (my blood pressure had dropped) Once we arrived they hooked me up to monitors but could not get a fetal heartbeat on Brasker.  It seems sometime Friday morning he had passed on.  After examining me, blood work, and an amniocentesis they believe his umbilical cord was never properly attached  although we will not know this for sure until I deliver and even then only if I deliver via c-section.  This is apparently something that effects 1-3% of IVF twins called vasa praevia.  It was explained to us as a button being sewn on with not enough string, the slightest movements could pop it.  Apparently if this is the case it happens around 29-31 weeks because the baby's movements have become more active.  We were told this is something that cant be predicted or prevented.

Adaleigh is doing fine so far and I have received the 2 steroid shots in the event that I do happen to go into labor early.  I did have some minor spotting but I was told it was nothing to worry about and they have me monitoring my temperature 3 times a day but we are at home now so I am more comfortable.  I am currently dilated 1cm and 50% effaced but that is no indication of imminent labor, I could go today but I could also go in 6 weeks.

Steve and I are coping the best we know how and both of our mothers are here now to help lend support.  As you can imagine this is not something we want to discuss but I did want our friends and family to know about.  Please keep our family in your prayers.


  1. Y'all are definitely in our prayers and hearts. Love you. Dan, Jennifer and Nicole.

  2. Oh Tiffany I'm just heartbroken for you and Steve. :( All my love.

  3. I've been out of town, so I'm just now reading this. I love you guys and am so saddened to hear this news. You're in our thoughts.

  4. Oh, Tiffany and Steve, I am so sorry to hear about Brasker. I am keeping Adaleigh in my thoughts, hoping that she thrives and grows strong.



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