Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard hitting

3rd trimester is really hitting me hard.  I am getting maybe 5 hours of sleep or less on any given night.  Luckily I am able to nap during the day but for some reason my body only is willing to take these naps about half the time even though I feel like I need them everyday.  By the time the evening rolls around my body is just flat out hurting and it makes sleeping difficult and by the time I get myself comfortable enough to sleep (which usually takes 1-2 hours alone) my restless legs kick in.  Most nights its paired with the discomfort of hip dsyplasia which has been made worse by pregnancy (apparently hormones are produced to make the ligaments loose to prepare the body for birth but for some people like me who have problems with hip dyplasia already it just makes for more discomfort)  All of this is almost always accompanied by acid reflux and normal pregnancy aches and pains which is why I am getting no sleep.

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