Monday, May 14, 2012

Some interesting tidbits

So I have started experiencing hip dsyplasia, which I have always had but pregnancy has made worse, that is now resulting in some sleepless nights.  Apparently the hormones that are being produced help loosen the ligaments to make birthing easier but in my case since I have hip dsyplasia already it has made for achy joints and soreness.  I usually only have trouble with my hips a handful of times out of the year so them being bad enough to keep me from sleep is something new for me.  Sigh hopefully that will get better.

I did run into some interesting facts today though.  My babies will most likely have hair!  Apparently 82% of women who have moderate to severe heartburn will have babies born with hair because the hormones responsible for triggering heartburn also trigger fetal hair growth!  During pregnancy the average uterus expands up to 500 times its normal size!  Makes me wonder how much more for twins.  22% of twins are left handed while non twins come in at only 10%.


  1. Did you get those statistics at your Multiples gathering? That is really interesting! Did you know that all 3 of my sis-in-laws are left handed? Wonder how that fits into the equation. ;-)

    1. I get bi-weekly emails from parenting magazine and it had the one in it about heartburn and baby hair so I started looking for other odd facts and ran across that one on some random site.



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