Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doc Visit

Well no news on the sexes of the babies yet.  The ultrasound department had already left for the day (the downside to the late in the day appointments) so the sonogram she did was on a very old machine so everything was fuzzy.   The doc has started me on a daily regimen of Magnesium and colace.  Colace is to hopefully help with the constipation and she anticipates that because of the constipation I will start having leg cramps and that is what the magnesium is for.  I guess to head it off at the pass.  Those are in addition to the prenatal vitamins I am taking.  She said that while they can not say that bleeding during pregnancy is NORMAL she can say its not ABNORMAL.  After she preformed the sonogram she could see that one of the placentas is positioned right above the cervix, its not resting on it but just above it and that would explain the bleeding I have had.  She said in the next few weeks it should shift up.  She does want to see me for an ultrasound in 2 weeks (March 28th) just to check to make sure the cervix isnt opening but apparently if I am not at least 16 weeks there is nothing that could be done if it is hence why they are waiting.  Hopefully since that appointment is with the ultrasound dept we will be able to see sexes then.  After that I see the doc on April 10th for my regular check up.

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