Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belly progression pic

So here is week 7 til now

its crazy how big I am, on top of it all I havent gained any weight still.  Right around 9 weeks I was really sick and couldnt keep down anything and lost 8 lbs, I have managed to gain that back finally but only as of the last week or so.  Its just crazy, I weigh as much as I did before pregnancy but I am SOOOOO much bigger :P


  1. Tiff, is it just me or are you also getting skinnier? If it wasn't for that belly... I would say you lost tons of weight from just looking at your face! I have been following your blog and hope to see more updates! Also, did you find out if the other baby is a girl for sure or are you still waiting? I am just do excited/ happy for you!!! -Annie la O'

    1. I think I have been "losing" weight. The belly keeps getting bigger and bigger but I am not putting on any weight so I think they are pulling from my fat reserves :P We find out today (I dont know how accurate they will be but we will see if Adaleigh is still penis free) I will probably update tomorrow about todays appointment. Miss you guys!



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