Monday, February 13, 2012

Not sleeping

How is it that I will be so incredibly tired but cannot sleep!  I feel like I am up half the night waking up because of this or that.  I have never been a light sleeper but now it seems the slightest noise wakes me and the any non-constant noise keeps me from getting to sleep.  I have to say first trimesters suck!!!!!  No sleep, constantly tired, nausea at every turn....ugh!  I have to say one of my least favorite things is nauseated hunger.  I am starving but nauseous at the same time :(  I am hoping that most of this will pass and that sometime in April I can head down to Albany for the weekend.  Its nice that I can go see everyone, I miss everyone there so much but as of right now I cant be in the car long at all before I get sick.  A trip to the grocery store has been my limit lately.

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