Monday, June 25, 2012

Bed rest is imminent......

So Sunday we went and bought groceries and I had my first real experience of my own limitations.  I had hoped that this day would in fact never actually come but it seems to have arrived anyway.  But after buying groceries and coming home I could barely make it back up the stairs.  It took a herculean effort to actually get up both flights and the remainder of the day was spent with me having to lay down.  So we have asked Mom to come earlier than her scheduled day and she will be getting here on the 1st of July.  I am not on
official bed rest yet but after the episode on Friday night and how bad just the short outing hit me Sunday I would say after my next appointment on the 3rd it would be official.  Maybe not bed rest but definitely on limiting my activities.  I am still able to do most of the household chores and only some things cause me pain. I have to take frequent breaks already and until now the only things I really couldnt do was take the dogs down to the bathroom and clean the tub.  The only thing I really didnt want to do was iron because it makes my back hurt from standing for so long.  But I have noticed its harder on me to just do the light housework I am able to do and God help me if I have to bend over.  Even sitting up for longer than an hour to hour and half has gotten painful.  But I guess it is to be expected when carrying twins.  Steve actually noticed last night (although its been like this for a while now) that when I sit up right and cant semi recline that I have to spread my legs wide to make room for my stomach because it touches the seat.  He was like "OMG I cant even see your pants!!!!"  Yep love you too Steve :)


  1. Having Aurora around was actually helpful because I could have her pick things up off the floor for me. She would even help me unload the dishwasher! The stairs! Oy. Yeah, 2 flights would be a lot. I took to riding the scooter around the grocery store. Leo was embarrassed to be seen with me.

    1. Yeah I have a feeling that anymore trips out will have to be with the little riding cart. Thank goodness my mom will be here soon to help!



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