Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Locked out

So this morning Steve accidentally locked me out of the house when he left for work.  I have always been concerned that he would do this when I was out walking the dogs but since I've become so big he has to carry the dogs down for me (I can take them up fine its just going down where we worry that they might pull me off balance) it has not been a real possibility.  Well this morning we get downstairs and he heads to the car after handing them off to me but realizes he left something upstairs and has to run back up.  After I finish my loop round the parking lot I head back up and low and behold the door is locked.  I was extremely lucky though and the guy next door was bringing his pup upstairs at the same time as me and let me borrow his phone to call Steve to let me in.  He offered for me and the dogs to come in but I declined and just sat on the curb in the sunshine downstairs.  Luckily today was chill but not cold.  Already such an exciting day and its just getting started.

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