Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's status

I am doing c-section incision is about 9 inches long (pretty much goes hip to hip). No idea if this is average size or not but it sure does hurt. The narcotic meds make me nauseated and dizzy so I am on tylenol every 6 hours and motrin every 8 which only really takes the edge off the pain. I would go through it all again though just to have my perfect girl. My breast milk has started to come in as well finally. My .5-2ml pumpings have now been replaced by 14ml pumpings!!!! Still not what I need but its getting there.

Adaleigh is doing great! She was moved from NICU into special care. She is still under the isolette but just to help maintain her temperature and to monitor her overall. The did have to put in a PICU line today which is like an IV but goes in a larger vein and is threaded longer. She kept having problems with swelling from the IVs so they gave her that but apparently most babies that spend any real time in the NICU have to have one. Their veins are just much more delicate than ours. She has 3 milestones to meet before returning home

1. Breathing on her own
2. Maintaining her temperature outside the isolette
3. Getting the suck, swallow, breathe reflex down so she is able to eat

so far we have #1 so everyone pray that the next ones are just as easily checked off.

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