Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Steve demands a blog post......

Specifically, Steve demanded a blog post for today talking about how great and wonderful he is :)  Well people Steve is great and wonderful and the best husband any woman could ask for but I'm sure you would rather hear about the babies.

Currently I have been working on baby blankets for the kiddos and I recently ran out of yarn for Brasker's so I started Adaleigh's.  Here is the progress so far on both.

Brasker's has been so expensive and time consuming I went for a longer stitch that is airy for Adaleigh's.  Brasker's is single crochet and very dense!  It has cost me around $40 in yarn so far and I am only 2/3 of the way through.  Adaleigh's I decided to go a little smaller as well as using the longer double crochet stitch with a chain stitch gap.  My only problem with hers is I seem to be getting smaller as I go so I will probably have to undo a few rows and do them over.  I am going to check online for solutions first.  Luckily hers goes SOOOOOO much faster than his.

I have also started making the mobile for Brasker.  I have the rocket sewn and ready to go and have bought the wool roving to make the planets but still need to pick up styrofoam balls before I can finish it up. But here is the rocket.

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