Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm a pin cushion!

Had a doctor's appointment this morning for some baseline blood work.  I call them back later today to get the new shot dosages based on the test results.  I do think that my two new shots have larger gauged needles because they do hurt a bit and feel much tighter when I go in and out with the needle.  The spots are becoming more pronounced on my stomach now that I am having to do 3 shots a night.  I look like a pin cushion that has been thoroughly used :D  I am counting the days until the implantation.  I am so excited and impatient.  I just wish it would get here already!  I am still really tired taking a nap nearly everyday, I'm able to fight it some days but others I am not so lucky.  My hot flashes are not as bad as they were, I am actually able to sleep in the bed again.  Hopefully they will stay at bay.

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