Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pregnant by Christmas!?!?!?!!!!!

So today's appointment went pretty well.  Today they ran some tests that were very similar to a papsmear to check bacterial cultures and ureaplasma cultures.  I return on Monday to have an endometrial biopsy and a mock embryo transfer preformed.  They basically insert a catheter to check the depth needed when they do the real thing.  I will also be making an appointment for Steve for sometime in the coming weeks for his IVF profile and cultures that he needs to have done.  He has to see what his work schedule looks like first though.  I was told that starting on cycle day 3 of November's cycle I will have an appointment to check my levels and then they would start me on a dosage of birth control.  After that I will start my injections in late November/ early December and if all goes according to plan I will be pregnant by Christmas!  I have to say this would be one phenomenal birthday/Christmas present.

Once we start nailing down some dates I will see where that puts us for going to Albany for my birthday weekend and for coming home at Christmas.  It should be fine since we are going for the weekend and I should be able to align any doctors appointments to suit but you never know since that will be a time I am in and out every 1-3 days to check levels.  If it happens to be too difficult maybe I will make it an after the holidays winter celebration!  As far as home for Christmas we will just have to play the waiting game and see how events fall.  Everyone think good thoughts and wish for a Christmas conception ^_^

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