Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now we wait

So I had my appointment yesterday and they did the biopsy to make sure everything is kosher in there and did the mock transfer and measured how far they will need to go in when they are ready to place the embryos.  It was a little painful (like a bad cramp) but the biopsy is what really hurt.  It left me a little crampy all day yesterday and I had some spotting but it was to be expected.  Steve goes on Thursday to have some tests run and after that we wait.  I will call the office once I get my period and they will have me in for some blood work on the 3rd day of my cycle and then start me on a dosage of birth control.  The birth control causes all my eggs to be on the same cycle so that when they start the injections they are all on the same maturity level to maximize the amount of usable eggs.  I tried to get a time line but everything is pretty nebulous right now.  Once I start the birth control we will be able to have a more accurate date.  I will keep everyone updated.

CONGRATS!!!!!  to the Diaz family with their new addition Felix Astro Diaz!!!!!  I cant wait to see pics so you gals out there better send me some cause I know mom and dad are busy.

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