Monday, November 21, 2011

High Anxiety

So as tomorrow approaches my anxiety has become worse and worse.  I've been having heart racing and feeling weak in my arms and legs.  Just all together freaking out about it.  I know it wont be bad at all in the long run but I cant seem to tell my body that.  So that on top of the birth control making me sleepy has left me exhausted the last few days.  I find that if I can keep my mind busy that its not as bad.  Needless to say I have logged a lot of hours on Skyrim the last couple of days.  Its been impossible to make my mind turn off at night so I am having trouble sleeping and my body is in a state of constant anxiety so I am having tons of nightmares and have been waking up in cold sweats every night.  Luckily this should pass and be over tomorrow.

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