Friday, September 16, 2011

In the beginning......

So if anyone following this blog doesn't know already, here's the story.  

I can't conceive naturally so after 7 years of not actively trying Steve and I went to the doctor.  Come to find out, after many many tests, I had hydrosalpinx which is just a fancy word for saying I have blocked fallopian tubes filled with fluid.  So we then headed to the IVF clinic in Albany, NY where we started getting all the necessary tests run to start the procedure.  Well, we get ready and are about to start and Steve gets a job in Seattle so everything goes on hold until we can get settled in there.  Now we are in Seattle I have set up appointments and we are getting ready to go ahead with the IVF and we find out that the Seattle clinics want to charge $23,000!!! Outrageous I know and that was just for one try.  So we are hit with sticker shock since in NY it was going to be $8,000 and NYS was covering $4,000 since I had medical reasons I could not conceive and it was for unlimited tries in the first year.  So I am seeing all hope is lost and I will never be a mom and have a little one to call my own when Steve says why don't we just do it in Alabama.  So we look into it there and it suddenly becomes doable again.  I visit the clinic and get everything underway and start doing out of state monitoring while I am in Seattle.  All the time the tests are coming out of our own pocket.  I have the tubal surgery and have all of my blood work completed as well as any other tests they deem necessary for me and Steve as well and we actually get started with the first steps which are the baseline tests.  After this they start me on birth control to control my cycle days and as we are about to start the injection and hormone treatments when Steve gets the job in Maryland.  But the news is good because they are going to pay for the treatment 100%!!!!!!  

So here we are in Maryland and I have taken the first step and my first appointment is October 6th at 9am.  Wish us luck!

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